Old Timer Rally

29th June 1990


- Phil the Spill

I was told about this rally by Puker, who advised me I could now attend it, as applications were only accepted from people who had been doing rallies for ten years.

I discovered this was obviously not a rally for me. There was no party, or anything of that sort. It was just drinking in the pub, as if you were out on a pub run back at home.

I was a little surprised that my mileage was not allowed, I had done 1800 miles since leaving home, 320 of them coming here, (the charmingly named 'Sixpenny Handley'), from my last stop at Ambleside. I was only allowed the distance in a straight line to home, which was about 70 miles. (Perhaps I should have claimed I lived with my sister in North Wales - but they already had my address to send the ticket.)

I have to admit I got bored rigid on the Friday night, and there was nothing to see in the village on the Saturday, so I packed up and left a day early. Knowing my luck, there would have been a grand event on the Saturday night, but somehow I doubt it.

As I said, not my type of rally, but I am sure most people there enjoyed it.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley