Oosser Rally

Melplash in Dorset.


- Phil

I remember the field was next to the pub and of course it was raining. And that's about it.

There were silly games as usual but I can't remember them either. I do remember drinking and then nothing else.

Lez Lumps was there, I can't remember if Phil the Spill was there.

So, there we are. A rally, a badge and no info. That just about sums up my rallying days.

If only I'd had a camera.

- Phil Nicholls

13th May 1983 - 71 MCC

There is a song that starts, "Down in leafy Dorset...", but the Oosser Rally was held in a particularly unleafy area of the village of Melplash in that county. The camping was around the edge of the cricket field next to the Half Moon pub, but the games on Saturday might have used the central bit.

The Friday night was in and around the pub, it being a pleasantly warm spring evening. One group discovered why it wasn't a good idea to try and get three people in an allegedly three man ridge tent or, at least, not one with spindly tinfoil thick poles, after a night in the pub.

The aforementioned games were well contested, such as the sack race, milk crate carry, pillow fight and so on. After these I went for a blast around a few country lanes in the glorious sunshine.

For the evening we were in the Village Hall, just across the road from the pub. This was lucky, if a little dangerous, as the bar in the hall wasn't particularly well stocked, and people were wandering across the road to the pub towards the end of the night.

Before the disco started, somebody discovered a piano in the corner, and this was played, with varying degree of expertise, by several people, one of whom, I have to admit, was from my club. The disco was run by one of those annoying "Hey guys, remember this?" DJ types that insist on talking over half the records. There were a few moments worth remembering later on though.

Nice location + nice people + nice weather = nice rally.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation Not ridden to this rally but have been given a red Dorset Oosser rally badge in enamel. Not any use to me but willing to let an older member who has been to it have it. End of quotation

- John Bailey

Thanks for your offer, John. If anyone has lost their badge, send us your contact details and we'll pass them on to John.