Oosser Rally

19th April 1985 - 71 MCC

Another weekend in Melplash, the village that sounds like walking through mud. Not that this was a likelihood at this rally as, although the camping was on grass, this was part of the village's cricket ground, and well drained. The pub was adjacent to the field and the disco was in the village hall across the road. This last point led to my only safety query during the weekend. The bar at the hall, however adequate for normal meetings, was somewhat overwhelmed by the thirst of the rallyists, and so had neither the capacity nor the variety of the pub, which led to people staggering across the road 'twixt bar and music later in the evenings. The lack of traffic through the village helped to lower the risk, though, and I don't remember losing any rallyists in that way.

A typical Friday night ensued, even with these conditions, and everyone was happy. The slight rain, that had developed during the evening, only bothering us in our outside foraging trips.

Saturday started slightly damp, but this cleared up before the games. The weather caused me to abandon my plan to have a ride around the area, (I did that last time I was here, anyway), and I just mooched around the site for the afternoon, noticing the arrival of Hippo, who had been to a wedding, (not his own, I feel).

The party eventually got under way and a young lady of my acquaintance decided to get her photo taken early on so she could get on with other things.

The DJ was the same annoying one as last time, so much of the music was inaudible under his 'singing'. I can only assume he was cheap, or a friend of the organisers. Despite his efforts, most of us seemed to enjoy the rally, which was the point, after all.

I have no bad memories, (photos), of the ride home, so I can only assume the weather was suitable.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley