Oosser Rally

10th (& Last) - 8th May 1987 - 71 MCC

Portesham, again for the tenth and last Oosser rally.

Friday was surprisingly sunny and, after a warm ride down, we took up residence in the pub, where the evening passed without a murmur, apart from one girl, (possibly a first-timer?), getting a pint down her front and a few people falling over on their way back to the tents.

Saturday turned out just as warm and bright, if not more so, and we seemed to spend most of the day in the pub and the associated garden.

The camping area was a bit full this time, but, thankfully, the Landlord allowed us to use the garden for many of the games, although the rally virgin abusing was kept to the site, especially as there was a stream running through it.

Shortly afterwards, a little kick-about ensued, where the ball got stuck in a very high branch of a tree, but was eventually retrieved.

In the evening we were given use of the grand village hall once more and much hilarity was enjoyed by all.

There was also a moment of hilarity on a slightly overcast Sunday morning, when we saw Hippo's seedy Honda, sorry, Honda CD, packed with only the barest essentials for a camping weekend. How it managed that load with him on as well, I have no idea, but it got him here, so I assume it got him home again.

Having said that, I probably carried nearly as much equipment as him, but my bike was somewhat larger. Anyway, size notwithstanding, the trip home was not unpleasant, just a touch cooler than the trip there.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley