Pennine Rally

One of those nice spring rallies (held in April), that meant a run into the heart of the Pennines.

For those of us riding from a southerly direction, the run was up through Macclesfeild, Buxton, Glossop, Huddersfield and Halifax. Winding up and down the hills and dales, on real biking roads towards Skipton. In 1970, it was held on Bradley Moor (just across 't road from Ilkley Moor). In the evening we rode down to the "Tomato Dip" cafe (changed to a residential home or something last time I went past). Mmmmm - proper egg & chips with loads of tomato ketchup and big mugs of tea - like wot it should be.

Eeee - thet were a real rally, thet were! Run by the Denholme & District MCC.

- Jan Heiland

Start of quotation Came across this site by chance. I was a member of DDMCC from the beginning when it started as off shoot of the Vikings in Keighley.

The first Pennine rally, which I helped organise, was 1967 in a field just outside Wigglesworth.

We had one helluva club in the 60's, Dragon rallies, 59 Clubs Rockers Ball and many more memories.

Would luv to hear who's still alive and kicking. End of quotation

- Don Airton

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Start of quotation First went to this one in 1977 - nothing but a field and a chuck-wagon above Queensbury. There was a disco about 3 miles away, but I don't know whether it was connected to the organising club.

The 1980 event was very different, set as it was in Keighley town centre with all amenities close to hand. The club had hired the local Civic Centre for entertainment and beer. End of quotation

- Anon

Start of quotation Me and my sister Jean went on the DDMCC rallies, across from The Dip, and the last being in The Park. We went to the club house & the Yorkshire Ripper was sat behind us!

Great days & now a reunion tonight in Haworth. Super times, good memories, still have all my rally badges from DDMCC. End of quotation

- Eileen Purdy was Preston

I had an A65 Lightning. Did go to the Dip all the time, Kildwick Corner past the Vietnam Bridge to the Dip in the 60-70s. A loved place, wish I could be back there with Reg, Conkey, Lawrence, Don, Cooky, Joe Fox - he is sadly missed.

Wonderful meals, steak and kidney pie and peas. About 9pm before setting off to the Tavern pub Keighley before last orders.

I rode with three lads from Satans Slaves, Mitch, Bullit, Barry, all wonderful mates.

Also called at Jim's Cafe, East Parade, Low Street, Keighley.

I can't tell you how good the days use to be.

The man that run the DDMCC from Worth village his name was Bob (breakers yard). End of quotation

- Graham

1970 Pennine rally, turn off the Skipton Road and over the Leeds-Liverpool canal and uphill into Bradley. Pitched the tent in a field and on to the local pub (is it still open?)

Next day (Saturday) throbbing round the local roads on my 350 G3 Matchless with broken kickstart return spring a bit of rubber bungee in its place. Made the pilgrimage to the Tomato dip and back to the campsite for a wash and brush up (like hell, I was 19 and only one pair of jeans to my name)

The organisers laid on free buses for us to go into Skipton where a good time was had by all and I even pulled a bird! Her name was Ann Preston, she was from Skipton and it was only a snog and a squeeze, I didn't get THAT lucky. I think it was her turn to wear the beer goggles that night.

Back on the bus to the campsite and a blazing bonfire then off to bed for a crazy first hour of farts jokes and more farting.

Up next day and back home to Leeds, a great weekend End of quotation

- Keith Knowles

I was a member of the DDMCC and a marshal at the rally in Keighley, along with a few mates from the club.

It was held in Victoria Park and I had a Z650B then. Great bike, good times! End of quotation

- Stephen Smith

Start of quotation My name is Stuttering Jelk as I woz known in the kitchen and Leo's Canal Escape Committee.

The three main men (and I use the word loosely) were Aunty GB, Alan Newpenny, and "don't-mess-wiv-me-brown-and-a-nob-in-the-lets-go-to-Lumb-Lane-and-write-daddys-Jag-off-club", better known as "OMG Wots He Done Now Ha Ha". Also inc the perv Alwynnes accountant Jerry. Lovely Lynne his no 1 Nancey from Sackville Street and the 16 year old lovers from Rough Kly. Vanessa, Roy, Shaz and Mick the prick.

I worked for Colin Appleyard from day one at Lawcoone Lane before Peter and the Black Bros took it over and Tommy's scrap yard stopped giving out goldfish and ballons. So don't get me going about the stink from Foulds Tannery on Parkwood Street and Ted Sockets socks in the Redbeck' (i mean Tomato Dip)

xxx End of quotation

- Stuttering Jelk

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Start of quotation The Dip is now a curry house. Wish I had the cash to get it back for the bikers still. I'm 67 now so not much chance of that but we have memories from them days.

Back in the old days at the Dip with Reg, Don & Cookie, Abby the first Asian lad that road with us, Lawrence - he has since past away, so has Don. Then there is Joe Fox, a big lad. also gone, Jelk still in Keighley, then there is Geno, also gone, God bless them all.

I am a BSA man that's true 100%, I also had a Triumph Bonnville, the lights blew on my way home from the Dip around 11pm!

I remember pushing my BSA Bantam home from the Dip one night, arrived in town 12 midnight.

Good times most of the time at the Dip, Skipton we loved Kildwick Corner then a good road for speed.

Hope some of this helps you. One more lad Squeek (name John) and Wilf Craven, also gone. He came out of a side road and was hit by a car in Halifax Road a long time back.

Them days we sat on the wall at the Dip looking at the bikes arriving at our place. We lived there, it's like home.

One more lad, Crage, his dad run the Worth Vally Inn by the NSF building, Halifax Road. Will send more.

There are a lot more lads from that time I have forgotten. I will try to get their names from the lads down town when I see them.

All the best End of quotation

- Graham

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