Pennine Rally

April 1969


- Keith Knowles

This was my first rally. Having turned 18 years old the week before and passing the test the week before that I was all set to go on my Tiger Cub minus the L plates.

The rally was at Eastburn at the junction of the B6265 Skipton Road and Sutton Lane (I had to look on Google Earth for this info)

Tent pitched me and my mates went looking for the local pub and found the Old White Bear full of leather clad bikers.

Crawled into my sleeping bag and broke the zip, this was a DISASTER! It was a very cold night and I didn't get much sleep, I shivered all night.

Emerging from my tent at eight in the morning the ground was white over with frost Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Went in search of safety pins to try and patch up my sleeping bag.

One of the events on that day was the slow race ie:- who could complete the course and come in last without putting your foot down. My mate Allen was disqualified because he was riding a Bultaco trials bike.

Back to the pub again (Sat night) for a few jars and back to the campsite whereupon Allen jumped on his Bultaco (WITH NO LIGHTS) and went blasting all round the tents followed by much cursing and swearing from people trying to get some shuteye, fortunately without incident.

Up next morning and back to Leeds the long way round.

A great weekend with fine weather. I was already looking forward to next years event (see report already posted)

Still got my badges.

- Keith Knowles