Pickled Liver Rally

This was the 9th Pickled Liver Rally in Marston Magna near Yeovil, Somerset, held in June 2002 by the Piss Eds MCC. We decided to go the scenic route from Salop to Somerset which, being a hot day, was a great ride - took us 6 hours. The motorway would have took us 4.

Me 3rd along on the bench

This is the farthest south we have gone.

- Hayley

The rally site was on a large field with 24hr beer tent which sold scrumpy cider a £1 a pint. Only problem was it looked and tasted like syrup. The pub up the lane closed at 11 every night. The Marston Inn, the other pub, stayed closed all weekend. Everything you needed was on the site anyway.

We spent all day Saturday drinking in the field, it was such a hot weekend.

This bloke decided everyone should see his chest!

Sunday we took the motorway home.

Mick Mansell with I think a potty on his head.

This is the farthest south we have gone.

- Hayley Easthope