Pilgrims Rally

The 37th Pilgrim Rally took place over the first weekend in August. The rally is held near to Purleigh in Essex.


- Dave

I have done seven of these in a row and I would say that this is a perfect way of running a rally. The site is flat level camping in nice surroundings. There is a canteen in one of the outbuildings that serves a variety of food at good prices and the bar is in an adjacent outbuilding. There is a large selection of real ales and ciders at very good prices in addition to the free bottle of wine you receive on arrival.

Friday night we sampled the ciders and on Saturday I took the bus to Malden. There was a lot of the Chocolate Starfish Rally Club and Mayflower MCC there and we went around a few pubs. At the top of the town there was a firemans wedding and then the Malden carnival passed by.

Back at the site there was a live band and much dancing and further sampling of cider even the Legend of Leicester Nigel Woodthorpe was there.

- Dave Ranger