Pilgrims Rally

41st Pilgrims Rally, August 2016.

This year five motorcyclists met again in front of my house for our England tour.

On Friday 5 August, Walter Trappe (BMW F650GS), Günter Reuter (Honda CB600S), my cousin Udo Domgörgen (BMW R850R) Hans Rolf Trappe (Honda CX500) and I, Hans Mondorf (BMW K100RS) began our usual route towards Calais.

Shortly before leaving in the morning, Hans Rolf destroyed the front right indicator glass of his Honda on the wall of his house. We had neither a new turn signal glass nor the time for repair. The lightbulb was fixed with tape and off we went.

In Belgium at the St Ghislain (Mons) motorway service area, we wanted to meet up with our motorcycle friends from the Trier area. Unfortunately, the boss of our friend Kurt Remmel thwarted his plans shortly before the trip. He had to work. The other participant was only known to us by name. Arriving at the service area we greeted Heiko Werner (KTM 1190 Adventure) and we drove to Calais together.

Lunch during the crossing. We continued through the usual traffic jam in front of the Dartford Tunnel to Purleigh.

After registering and setting up the tent, we finally had time to get to know Heiko.

This year the scouts weren't there. The Mayflower MCC had provided a replacement with several snack carts. The food wasn't as good as at the Scouts, but we had our fill. Friday evening was quiet as usual. We were sitting in the barn with music from the CD and a cold beer when suddenly and unexpectedly our motorcycle friend Axel Bodeit and his wife Bettina appeared in the barn. I could hardly believe my eyes. After a 15-year absence, he was back at a motorbike meet in England. His last meeting was in 2000 at the 25th Pilgrims Rally from the Mayflower MCC. We spent the evening in this beautiful group.

On Saturday morning after breakfast we went to Brooklands Museum in London Wybridge. A fantastic museum. There was something for everyone to see. From motorcycles to cars, buses to planes. There were also parts of the old racetrack with the banked curve to explore. In the yard we saw a Brough Superior team in absolutely new condition.

We struck up a conversation with a gentleman in white overalls, Mr Ralf Brough. He explained a lot to us about the museum and especially about the Brough Superior team. He also asked us what we were going to do on Sunday. We explained to him that we would then be heading towards Dover. He informed us that a vintage motorcycle festival would be taking place not far from our route. The International West Kent Run at Aylesford at The Friars. We marked that on the map.

rom left to right: Günter Reuter, Hans Rolf Trappe, Walter Trappe, Hans Mondorf, Heiko Werner. In front Udo Domgörgen. Roll your mousewheel to zoom in.

After visiting the museum, we made a detour to the Ace Café in London and took a short break with coold drinks.

After returning to Purleigh, first a refreshment at the snack cart and, as usual, a cozy evening with live music and cold beer.

On Sunday morning during breakfast we decided not to drive our usual route to Dover but to this International West Kent Run. When we got there we were overwhelmed by the number of motorcycles on display, as well as on the large lawn used as a parking lot Motorcycles served by visitors. Motorcycles as far as the eye can see. Food was offered, there were drink stands and ice cream carts. There was also a spare parts market here. Hans Rolf found the right indicator glass for his Honda here.

After a tour of the extensive grounds, we took a break with cool drinks. Always handy on the first weekend in August, the meeting takes place at the same time as the Pilgrims Rally. We agreed that we would go there again in another year.

From here we drove to Dover via Motorway.

Also this year we stayed at the hotel in St Margaret's Holiday Park. After dinner, like the years before, the last pints at the bar.

Monday morning down to the ferry and after loading the bikes of course our last delicious full English breakfast.

As you can see from some of the pictures, it was a busy weekend. One or the other needed a little sleep in between. We were spared from technical problems.

- Hans Mondorf