1985 Pilgrims Rally (10th Anniversary Rally.) Run by Mayflower MCC in August, invite only traditional rally, beer tent, food, loos and you make own entertainment/ chat.

I remember this one for all the wrong reasons. I arrived very early on Friday evening, so lots of drinking time. Mayflower where running a real ale bar, with Rad‍ar (David Day) in charge of this. Umm not fan of real ale, so gave him some abuse, as per normal (ie cheeky git).

However I took it on myself, over course of the evening/night, to sample all the ales on offer ... I was later herded out of the beer tent at silly o'clock (I was a very loud young whippersnapper!) and ended up with the Twits MCC, where more liquid was consumed.

In the morning I found myself in my tent, feet hanging out of door, fully clothed. Ohh, I felt ill, I mean the worst I had felt on any rally before or after this event. It was hot day too, I didn't know whether to throw up, have long sit in the hot stinky portaloo and ohh myhead! It must a been something I ate!

Others of my club rode into town on Saturday morning, I stayed on site, trying to get some kip and recover.

So I'm surprised the photos came out for silly games, maybe because I moved so slowly.

The eating contest of some type of curry cake, Brighton Bob had it both ends with Wee Rita administering it.

Alan Gilmore was having his hair cut but I wouldn't let Windy Prin do it as he could barely stand up at the best of times. Graham Butler is looking on and Big Mick (Twits MCC) with his leg in plaster.

Needless to say I might not have drunk much on Saturday night.

- Stephen North

Start of quotation Lots of photos of friends no longer with us, and memories of the Pilgrim on the Scout camp site.

What a hot year that was! End of quotation

- Ted Trett

This batch of photos by Dave Richmond is from the 1985 Pilgrim Rally.

I believe the eating contest featured blue baked beanz with a lot of chilli powder, among other goodies.

No idea why Alan Gilmore (Squires, remember the top hats?) had his hair cut.

Flash from the 69 with his beloved Laverda.

Brighton Bob being cleaned up (isn't that Wee Rita?) after the eating contest/food fight,
organiser of the legendary Brighton Bob's Dirty Weekend in Sluis.

General Butler doing his chairman's bit with Bob and, of course, Mitch chortling away.

Remember the fashion for gardens at rallies?

This is Karl de Vany, an Aussie who arrived at the Motor Cycling Weekly office, talked his way into a subbing job and bought the CB900 he's pictured with; my XS1100/Gemini in the background.

Isn't that Mike Fairhead?

Big Mike from the Twits showing his crutch; a chap I used to drink with at rallies whose name has faded from memory, my Allie with Harry in the pushchair (now 40 and 6ft 2in) with our esteemed mate Phil Curry (Blackfriars).

Can it be 38 years ago? We've lost Flash, Mitch and Bob over the years—three irreplaceable rally folk. Flash had a habit of taping bottles to his tent extension poles with optics to entertain visitors. Mitch could down astonishing number of pints and always remained a gentleman. Bob had a penchant for strolling into beertents clad in knickers bra and suspenders and no-one turned a hair...

Happy times not to be forgotten.

- Dave Richmond