Plastered and Cast Rally

28th June 1991 - Three Counties MTC

This concludes the report series from Phil the Spill covering the Davylad, Simmer Dim rallies and a club camp in the Lake District in 1991. Read on...


- Phil the Spill

After my abandoned stay in the Lake District the week before, I went to this Worcestershire rally from home, instead of from Wasdale Head, as originally intended. At least my tent and bedding were dry. Happily, I didn't need my waterproofs that weekend either.

The rally seemed to be in a pub garden, or some similar piece of land, with enough room for a selection of tents, the marquee and a small space for games.

There were a few interesting machines there, including at least one combo obviously modified in the shed at home, with an 'interesting' instrument panel. Also one guy was using a trailer to carry an immense range of camping equipment, perhaps for his whole club. Apart from his own, quite large, tent, there were a table, chairs, a TV and a set of floodlights. (And, presumably, some sort of power supply for them.)

I got the feeling we were not welcome in the pub, a feeling that was not lessened when a sign was put up in the marquee Saturday afternoon stating, 'You've done it. Drank the pub dry. Please use the marquee.'

I found this hard to believe, as there weren't that many of us. Even when everybody was in the marquee there was still plenty of room to move around in it. Personally, I didn't feel the need to visit the pub all weekend, (except maybe the loo), but each to their own.

Most of the games were run-of-the-mill stuff, but one I hadn't seen before, involving four people tied together with pallets tied to some feet. It is easier to present you with the video, rather than try to explain it further. It is possibly this game that gave rise to the name of the rally, but nobody at the site had any lasting injuries. (I heard a European rider was involved in an accident a few miles away, which required an Air Ambulance. I believe it was not serious.)

People recovered from their exertions in the pub, until the notice was put up, and we all partied the evening away in the marquee.

Apart from the slightly unfriendly pub, a good weekend, which would have been an ideal conclusion to a fortnight away, had I not wimped out after a bit of rain. (It would have cost less in petrol as well.)

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley