Poacher Rally

Somewhere in Lincolnshire at a guess. I seem to recall that it was in a field with something like a barrow in the middle. Not one of those things with one wheel and handles, that's half a motorbike. The type of barrow that is a burial mound. This had a trig point on the top because it was the highest point in Lincolnshire until you get to Lincoln Cathedral.

Was this George's sidecar? This photo is from a deteriorating negative found in the loft.
Start of quotation Yea, I remember that one, George Underwood showed off his new homemade sidecar extension complete with balcony. It somehow rattled loose & almost fell off. I think he had it on an old M21 or something. End of quotation

- Will in Tennessee

Start of quotation Yes it is old George's motor bike and sidecar and trailer. He did all the rallies in the 60s. End of quotation

- Victor Smith of WD 66 Club