Point Yer Percy Rally

10th November 1989 - Lurkers MCC

The Lurkers are/were famous for two things in my experience; stripy jumpers and leaving stickers, bearing the club name, wherever they went, including once, allegedly, all over a police station toilet. These two things were the basis for the badge and ticket designs.

Their first rally was held not far from Winchester, Hants, in a pub called the 'Percy Hobbs'. It was the smallest known pub garden, which was crammed with tents, with little room to get to any of them. They even started spilling into the kid's playground area and bikes filled the parking area. It's a shame we weren't allowed to use the golf course next door.

The organisers did at least let us have a straw bale to make us feel at home and there was a fairly new shed in the grounds to house us after closing time.

The kids play equipment had been roped off as this was to be used as an assault course in the silly games, where pairs of people with a leg tied together, had to climb over frames, walls and picnic tables. It looked quite painful, to be honest. Towards the final run, bags of flour were included, although this may have just been for the virgin rallyists, one of whom was tied to one of the tables and horribly abused. (I'm not sure that the red stuff was tomato ketchup or not.).

In the pub the evening wore on. I seem to recall a musician rather than a disco in the bar. After hours, we had our cool-down session in the shed, singing dirty ditties accompanied by (sadly missed) Charlie Cobbe's snoring.

Fine weather led to quite a pleasant ride home on Sunday

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley