Point Yer Percy Rally

1st November 1991 - Lurkers MCC

For their second rally, the Lurkers moved into the New Forest. There was plenty of space for tents this year and you could take the bikes into the field with you, but some preferred to leave them in the parking area, as the field was a bit soft in places.

The pub was larger than last year as well, which allowed the club to expand the limit. There were a lot of chairs and tables as well, which meant that drinking and chatting was preferred, as the room for boogying was somewhat limited, as the pub landlord seemed to have double booked half the bar with some dinner for Rugby types, (The Rugby World Cup was in full swing on the TV).

It was nice to see some of the Simmer Dim organisers had come down all the way from Shetland.

On Saturday, the interlopers had gone, so we had the run of the whole bar. Tables and chairs were moved to the edges and plenty of room available for the band and disco to entertain us. One guy didn't need to come inside for entertainment, as he was balanced horizontally on his bike, singing in the car park. Also in the car park, briefly, was a Lurker initiation, which, if you know them, you'd realise was a little messy.

The party went on well into the early hours, until we sloped off into our temporary homes, There was a caravan in the field, but I have no information if it was connected with any of us.

There was a bit of a breeze when we crashed out, which suddenly turned into a lot of a breeze and my tent, along with some others, blew over. It is very difficult to get dressed in a collapsed tent, did you know that? When I extricated myself from the wreckage I discovered a few snapped poles, so I had a quick pack up and went and sat by the remains of the bonfire for the rest of the night, dozing off occasionally, until people started stirring and the pub opened for breakfast. I usually don't bother with this on a Sunday, but thought I'd better, considering the events and the fact that I'd shortly be riding home.

As it was November, the weather was a bit Autumnal, so waterproofs were required for the ride home, but, other than that, the ride was not too troublesome.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley