Pork Pie Rally

Courtesy of John Newitt, a treasured cutting from Motor Cycle News in 1980.

MOTOR CYCLE NEWS, December 10, 1980

Tasty one ...

Here's the entire membership of Four Seasons MCC. From left: secretary "Snowdrop" Haydn Wyatt, Steve Price, chairman Ron Rutherford, Graham Mills, chef and public relations officer Russ Pearson and his wife Anne. All were members of various clubs - such as Leicester Phoenix, Comet and Kingsway - before forming their own in March. Their name was chosen because they ride all year round. Their £20 profit the raffle will go to mentally handicapped children, and rally proceeds go towards future rallies.

PROVING beyond all shadow of doubt that winter events are the best was the first Pork Pie rally in icy Leicestershire.

All credit to newly formed Four Seasons MCC for arranging this ace traditional weekend at Eaton, near Melton Mowbray - famous pork pie producing territory.


MOTOR CYCLE NEWS, December 10, 1980

There was just enough snow to provide Christmas card scenery - but the freezing conditions proved a hazard on the hilly sideroads around the village.

Three riders slipped off on a steep hill on the Friday, but, sensibly, were riding slowly enough to avoid injury and bike damage.

Club men salted the road and no more accidents occurred.

Village pub landlord John gave the club use of the bar and a room upstairs and provided the sloping field next to the pub for camping.

Due to space problems a 150 limit was set. With only one other small rally on at the weekend, 130 turned up.

I missed Friday night, but it must have been good - with locals joining in the singing in the bar. More arrivals on Saturday, some riding through falling snow, meant that night was more crowded.

We were politely asked to give our renderings of rally songs upstairs - where Singalong Sue entertained.

Steve Connolley came with the Leicester Phoenix group and took grot bike award with his Suzuki. He's also with Leicester Poly MCC.

Twice round the clock and still going strong ... in between gearbox rebuilds! That's Rodney Taylor's hard worked BMW - which won the concours.


A slight miscalculation meant food ran out too early. The organisers say things will be different next year - with not only burgers but breakfast as well. And the pork pies ...

"We had been to everyone elses rallies and enjoyd them," said club man Russ Pearson. 'so we wanted to have our own. It's been hard work with only six of us, but worth it."

For the first time in my memory a visiting club had such a good time that they were moved to write and tell Highway Patrol.

Edward Bullen, of Clifton and DMCC, after making a blackmail threat, writes: "We would like to thank the Four Seasons MCC for the best trad, boozy, lecherous rally of recent months.

"The weather was perfect too. It started snowing just after I got there and stopped just before I left. No one can plan it much better than that!"