Prowlers Party

7th Prowlers Party 2nd October 1987 - Prowlers BC

The Trip to the Rally

Had a bit of a bump on my way here. Had I not promised a friend I would be there to lend sleeping-bag space, "barring accidents", it may not have happened. And, of course, the incident of almost two years back, which happened shortly after the Prowlers, was immediately brought to mind, This time, I was following a car through some bends not far from my home at the time, when a car coming the other way decided that this would be the ideal point to overtake a car in front of her. The car in front of me steered into the side of the road, but still got hit, leaving the overtaker coming straight at me - sideways! Instinct slammed the brakes on, (not an ideal thing to do while cornering on a fully loaded bike), and I fell over, under the bike, with the car still coming.

The car stopped just as it touched my helmet.

When I got up from under my bike, much to many onlookers' surprise, the driver was trying to drive away, overlooking the fact that there was a front wheel missing. Most of the windows had broken and the driver sustained a few cuts. My mirror broke off and my bike and I gained a few (more) scratches. The driver was eventually strapped to a stretcher and carted off. Done for drink driving, apparently. Fun, fun, fun.

The Rally

After picking myself up and dusting myself down, (all too literally), it was an uneventful trip to the usual Prowlers site by the M25. Much hilarity was had by my 'friends' as I recounted my trip, and the party carried on, as these things tend to do. Much straw was stuffed down peoples' jumpers and jeans, and much beer was drunk.

A few friends and I went for a little supply shopping in nearby Watford and then returned for the games.

The only one I took photos of was the Musical Bikes.

Eventually party time arrived and we all entered the straw battle arena before the drinking started in earnest.

The live band was Ivors Jivers once again, who were as good as usual.

The Miss Rally contest was not all that well supported, with only a handful of contestants, but one of them was quite a handful. I met her again, four weeks later and we ended up getting engaged, before she buggered off with a bus driver.

Sunday was a bit overcast, but dry, and the trip home had none of the interest of the preceding run, (but I wasn't complaining!)

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley