Quantum Rally

1st April 2019 - LPMCC.net

It was either possible to know where the rally site was located or when the event was being held, but not both.

The field was crowded and tents were in a superposition of states with entanglement of guylines.

On Friday much drink was consumed in the marquee until bosons weren't half spinning.

On Saturday the games involved a plank constant that competitors had to quantum jump.

In the evening access to the marquee was through a double slit in the canvas. As rallyists entered they formed a fringe round the bar. Elsewhere there was plenty of Hilbert space for dancing to Schrödinger and the Zombie Cats.

A clear illustration of a wave passing through double tits resulting in interference and fringe benefits.

Sunday morning Fermi's Chuck Wagon provided Bose-Einstein Burgers that were not solid, liquid or gas but some other form of matter.

Tents were packed and the function collapsed once more back into reality as we know it when sober.

- Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker

This rally was organised for the sole purpose of inserting a badge beginning with the letter Q.