Rallymans Rally

Organised by Dean Valley MCC not far from Halifax West Yorkshire.

The Rallymans Rally was a little bit "extreme" this year! Due to heavy snow and freezing conditions, not many people were able to attend.

We ended up with 50 people.

- Ted

On the Friday Tony Simmonds (Ural Outfit) and Peter Kitts (Solo Yam XJ900) were all ready there when I arrived to put the control tent up.

Bikes trickled in and I had a constant stream of phone calls with requests for weather info or just to tell me it would be impossible to get there. It would be fair to say it was a bit quiet in the pub that evening compared to normal.

I suppose it is all down to luck (or madness), but on the Saturday, after our long distance award winner arrived, I was less inclined to listen to excuses because Barry Carter turned up on a solo BMW R1100GS from Cornwall.

We ended up with 50 people booked in which, given the conditions, wasn't too bad a turn out.

The Pub was supported by several members of local clubs who turned up on Saturday night but didn't camp.

The band "The Jam Dogs" went down very well and should be thanked for venturing out in such difficult conditions. The pub seemed to be quite full on Saturday evening and I have no idea where we would have put the other rallyists if they had got there.

Wear your badges with pride! A classic Rallymans!

- Ted Trett

Start of quotation Thanks for the write up. Glad my bike was in the footage (red FJR). Had a great time and will be there for the next, God willing.

Also have some pics and footage. End of quotation

- Mike Laffo
The Well Oiled MCC

Videos are courtesey of Mike's pal Terry aka unstabledude on YouTube.