Reivers Rally

The '79 was my frst ever rally and the RAC Lombard Rally was supposed to go through the village on the Saturday night but the wimps had to cancel that leg of it due to bad weather. The pub we were in stayed open until at least two in the morning, that's when we ran out of money and left.

I remember when the snow blower came to clear the roads, two lads were up the top end of the field as they had came by car. They where made into snowmen cos they didn't realise the blower was throwing the snow their way until it was too late.

I was riding pillion on this occasion, I think it was a Suzuki but not sure.

After leaving the pub we were singing The Hills Are Alive and got pelted with snow balls.

The one with the badge is me. The sleeping beauty is Drew and t'other one is Steady Dave.

After the 1979 Reivers they destroyed the plum badges but were on a ten year rota so '89 should have been plum again. But they said they didn't want anybody claiming to have done the '79 so it was a lime green!

Needless to say I complained long and hard all weekend, not that I'm a moaner. I was aiming to do plum to plum not slime green. In 1990 they gave me a plum 2" tin badge which I had for several years. When they found out I lost it they gave me the one in the pic which has a shoe lace and pin on it. Cheek, try loosing that one!

I still ride motorcycles and go to rallies, the last one Square Table at Cornwall.

I see only Col on a regular basis. Usually bump into some of the others at auto jumbles or rallies. All amicable but you know how time's chariot gallops past and people and situations change.

- Flint (they all know me as that)