Review Rally

Spring Romp 9th March 1984

Rally Review Magazine had got started, so Lez Lumps decided it should carry on with the tradition of the magazine he was formerly associated with, and hold a rally under the new publication's name. It was in the same pub as the last Big Bollards rally I did, so there was no problem in finding it.

Friday started off, quite naturally, in the pub, before transferring to the marquee for the Friday games, which were less arduous than the Saturday night ones.

The ones I have memories of were the 'in and out of underpants as quickly as possible' race and the 'wet t-shirt' which were both completed fully clothed at all times, (at least during the contest).

On Saturday a surprising number of people decided they needed new tyres, so we spent a few hours at a fitting establishment in town, followed by a wander through an uninspiring concrete shopping centre.

Back at site, ace reporter Dave Richmond was in attendance and we all enjoyed the games, including a push-of-war involving a scaffolding pole instead of a rope, (history does not relate whether this was due to lack of a suitable rope, or just a sense of adventure).

Again, we spent a few hours in the pub before trudging over to the marquee. The games on offer tonight were the charmingly named 'hairy arse' and 'squishy bits' contests, which were not restricted as to the amount of clothing worn.

After which the party carried on into the small hours in the time-honoured tradition.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley