Review Rally

Summer Doss 1st June 1984 - Rally Review Magazine

One couple had a rather uncomfortable ride to the rally, as the riders ex-girfriend took a dislike to the idea of her ex taking a new girl and got her new boyfriend to set about the rear suspension with a large hammer.

As is the pattern developed by Lez Lumps under the Rally Review banner, the Summer event was held without a marquee, (the spring and Winter events had them), and we all piled into the pub's function room/back bar. Some of us were familiar with the pub as it was the same one, in Fradley, used for the Spring Romp and previously for Big Bollards magazine Bashes.

As would come to be expected with Lez's events, there were Friday night games, but these were low-key stuff, like eating crisps off other peoples girlfriends, and blowing balloons up inside the pants of other people's boyfriends. There was no wet T-shirt contest due to the interior location.

The Saturday was a bit cloudy but still fairly warm and the afternoon's games were quite popular. As the pub was a bit middle-of-nowhere, I didn't bother going out for a ride, but I think some people did.

In the evening were some more games, including the 'squishy bits' contest (no water involved), with a singer or two, who performed a few songs we all enjoyed, with the help of rallyists.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley