Review Rally

1st Winter Romp 16th November 1984
Rally Review Magazine

Phil the Spill of the Telstar MCC, models the latest line in wet weather, BSI-approved, headgear. His mate Brad of the Wanderers MCC obviously think it's a riot.
Brad's come up with his own way of keeping his pants dry - he wears them outside his trousers.
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Lez Lumps has some very useful friends, it appears. Somehow he got the Warden / Caretaker of Tutbury Castle to allow him to use the grounds for a rally. It was, obviously, out of season, but there were still a couple of tourists wandering past us from time to time.

The marquee was in part of the moat/motte, so it was lucky there wasn't much rain, and the tents were camped in one of the car parks, with a lovely view over an industrial estate.

Of course, the party started in several pubs in the village before trudging back to the castle. The most popular, because it was the nearest, was 'The Leopard', but this went out of favour after a couple of events here, as the prices shot up for the weekend.

Before the disco got switched on, one rallyist that brought his guitar was appointed the entertainment and, as is customary with a Lumps-organised weekend, there were a few games on the first night, usually involving balloons, and eating noxious substances. The wet t-shirt happens tonight as well, (the Saturday event does not involve water).

On Saturday it was rather dull, and was mostly spent investigating points of interest (pubs) in Tutbury, of which there were several. A few of us also had a wander round the castle, which is mostly ruins, but some is still habitable. Zebs catering caravan was very popular, but there were a couple of take-aways in town if things got a bit too busy.

Start of quotation This was a great rally. I am the one passing the intake of beer with my back to the camera.

I think we did another rally at Tutbury Castle that involved medieval musicians and a pig roast. End of quotation

- Phil Nicholls

More beer arrived for the marquee and was human-chained into place. Beer was obtained by buying a raffle ticket, all of which just happened to have an alcoholic prize. I think it is a law that Lez will have a dizzy-stick game of some variation wherever he goes and this, with other games, lasted a few hours until darkness fell.

Some people, (well, one girl, at least), got carried back to their tent after a few hours of winning raffle prizes.

Lez held his 'Hairy Arse TV' and 'Squishy Bits' competitions. There was also a 'Ghost Hunt', which had people bearing candles wandering about the castle trying to find a sign with the word 'GHOST' painted on it, that had been hidden somewhere therein. After this the night carried on as such things often do.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley