Review Rally

8th March 1985
Rally Review Magazine

Another weekend at Tutbury Castle, thanks to Lez Lumps knowing the custodian.

Friday night was very low-key. As far as I can recall the usual Friday games were absent, but there was plenty of beer, music and bopping around. Unfortunately, most of the beer was obtained in the pubs in town, rather than the marquee, which probably led to the lack of games. Later in the evening, though, more people made the trek back up the hill to the site for the music and bopping.

The Saturday morning was spent wandering around the Castle and investigating the town in more depth and, due to the fact there were still afternoon closing times in the pubs, most people were around for the silly games.

One of the implements used in the games was an evil bicycle that had a pivot at both ends of the crossbar and no down bar, which would lead to the back end going sideways at any time. An examination of the machine concluded that the back end could be secured by a bolt which enabled it to be ridden normally, but this was not allowed in the game, obviously. There was a dizzy sticks, of course and a few other more usual games, after which the bar was open, to prevent too many people drifting down the hill again.

The evening progressed as usual, with pretty much all the beer being consumed and all the dances danced. Again there appeared to be no evening games, but everybody seemed to enjoy themselves anyway.

At no time during the rally do I remember it being sunny, but at least it didn't rain. The trip home was dry but uninspiring, too.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation Stumbled across your site. What a surprize to see Sue, Andy Mellor, Steph, Benny, Fozzy and me Ian Jones. I was 20 years old. This was the start of my ralling days. Went to loads of rallies with Rally Review. End of quotation

- Ian Jones