Rally Review

7th March 1986
Rally Review Magazine

It was four months since the crash that crushed my vertebrae. I was still wearing my body brace, although it probably wasn't really still necessary, but I felt more secure with it on when I was on the bike. With the remarkable customer service of the Guildford BMW dealer, I was on my new R80RT, but this was still effectively on the original loan agreement as the first, since that was only three weeks old and I hadn't even made the first payment before the accident. The company arranged to swap all the details over, and I was back, the day after my birthday. Although I had done a few short rides on my Yammy RS200 to the club and back, much to my doctor's disgust.

It was a not an altogether painless ride to Tutbury Castle, but I managed, and surprised many people with my swift recovery. There had been a collection for me at the last event, delivered to me in hospital, exactly as collected, not changed into notes, or anything helpful like that.

I didn't bother wandering to the pubs in town with most of the others; I just rested and waited for the party in the marquee to start. I don't recall there being as many Friday night games as Les Lumps usually arranged, but there were certainly some.

After the lunchtime pubs session the day-time games were well contested, including the four-legged race, with four people tied back-to-back. I don't think anyone was seriously injured.

A few people had brought guitars with them for an afternoon pre-pub sing-song, and then people retreated to the town for a few pints before the evening exertions. The guitars were much to the fore again, as there were some problems with a non-appearing disco, and the tape player had only a restricted library. I seem to recall some people removed clothing, but not in the number, nor of the gender, I like to see.

After taking a bit longer than usual to pack the tent up on the Sunday morning, I had a rather uncomfortable ride home, but at least it was dry.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley