Rally Review

14th November 1986 - Rally Review Magazine

After the rather damp weekend in Wales back in the 'Summer', it was fairly bland, not wet, not hot, dull weather for the 'Winter' Romp. We were back in the grounds of Tutbury Castle once again.

Friday was the normal low-key type of affair, spent mostly in various pubs in Tutbury, the nearest pub, the Leopard, being avoided almost entirely, due to its pricing policy. I think the preferred establishment was 'The Castle', which was geographically closer to the site, but unreachable from it. The last few hours were spent in the marquee.

I am pretty sure there would have been games on Saturday, but I failed to take any photos, so I could not maintain that claim in a court of law. There may have been an afternoon session in town, but everybody was in the marquee for the evening larks.

I think this took place after a sensationalist report appeared in a local rag, about naked biker riots in the castle, so the custodian had told Lez Lumps to tone things down a bit, so there weren't any wet/no t-shirt, (or hairy biker arse), contests, but we still had fun, as you might expect.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley