Rally Review

18th November 1988
Rally Review Magazine

The Romp was, as usual, in Tutbury Castle, so that's where we went.

Although there was a marquee, supplies were very limited in there, so we once again spent most of the days/evenings in the local pubs, (except the nearest one, who was still overcharging us for drinks), popping back to the field if we felt like a burger and were not prepared to pay chip shop prices.

Neither I nor my camera recall if there were games or not, but I expect there were. If Lumpsie was involved they would include dizzy sticks.

The evening found us back in the town's pubs and the one I was in was also occupied by Carl Walsh from the Hedgehog MCC, who insisted on leading us in sing songs.

After hours, back at the site, it was snowing. Not too deep at this time of night, but that didn't stop people rolling in it or Haystacks gathering enough to ambush a 'friend'.

The snow had mostly gone by Sunday morning, but it was still fairly cold and dull all the way home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley