R-Souls Rally

26th August 1983 - The Ressurected MCC

I thought it was spelt 'Resurrected', but the club seemed happy calling itself 'The Ressurected MCC', though mostly only using the name 'TRMCC'. However it is spelt, the Friday night went down very well, with much beer, music and dancing.

It is common for Bank Holiday Weekend rallies to have less people than usual turning up on the Friday night, but this one seemed to have quite a respectable number of disreputable participants.

After the usual Saturday morning mucking about, which always happens at summer rallies, the games occurred. Somebody gave Lez Lumps a loud hailer, so he appeared to be running the games, although he also took part in the helmet chucking.

There was also a disgusting eating contest. I don't know what it was, but it was green and didn't move about, even when shaken. If Lez was running the games, then there would have been a dizzy-stick, but I have no photos of that.

Several people got thrown in one of the huge animal water troughs dotted about the site, and the fun and, possibly, games went on through the day.

Later we went into the marquee for the night. More silliness ensued, although you could sense that people were taking into account that they didn't have to head home on the Sunday, so were unconcerned about being in a fit state when they woke up.

The upside-down pole stripper made a brief appearance, but some ladies chests made quite an extended appearance, both on stage, and later about the marquee.

On Sunday, some people did, in fact, go home, but the majority of us were still up for a party. There was a pub run, where somebody was pulling stoppies, then back to the site for more messing about with water.

One club found a market on their travels, and arrived back at site with a load of houseplants and even a kitchen sink! (History does not relate how they got all this home.)

By this time, I was running out of film, but I do not recall any untoward happenings that night, I can only assume this was due to it being a nice, happy, not-too-outrageous party night.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Phillip Cross also took his camera to rallies including this one. Are you in any of these photos? 'Fess Up!