R-Souls Memorial Rally

23rd August 1984 - The Ressurected MCC
The mis-spelled bike club strikes again! Unfortunately, since their last rally, one of their founding member had passed away, so they renamed the 4th rally in his honour. As far as I know, they didn't run any more after this one.

It was, as were all this series, on the Bank Holiday weekend, so organised events were spread a bit thinner than usual to last all three days, meaning Friday was just a party and beer night.

Being a Bank Holiday, Saturday was a little overcast, as it was the whole weekend, but my camera still had a little bit to do, with brief exposures and tent moving. There may have been games, (even though I don't have many photos to back up that claim).

In the evening, there was even more exposure to capture, with the no t-shirt contest and more partying and drinking.

Sunday may have had more games, or not, but a fair few people had gone home. One couple decided to have a biker-style wedding, using a Harley manual instead of another type of book more usually referred to on such occasions, (they did have the officially-recognised church affair around the same time).

In the evening, there was exposure of the male kind, both organised and disorganised, some partying, but mostly drinking.

At some point during the weekend my t-shirt got a bit wet, (while I was wearing it), and was packed away in the depths of my pannier, only coming to light several weeks later, having turned from black, into a lovely shade of green.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation That was the rally we (Bowser and I) did the weekend before we got married,

Great photo of us (Ogri MCC) winning loads. End of quotation

- Babs Munson