Rum Runners Rally

8th April 1988
Wessex Roadriders MCC

Following the mudbath of last year, this year's 4th rally, although it was at the same place, Chickerell, Dorset, was on a field at the other side of the property, a little higher, and on a slight slope.

We were quite close to a children's play area, with obvious results.

Ken & Elaine Wall, (Sickle and Cloak MCC), were there with their his-n-hers trikes, which people were studying with interest, as they had immense carrying spaces at the rear of each. Some onlookers that had never been on a trike were given a quick blast around the field, with interesting results.

The music was a bit basic on the Friday night, being supplied by a cassette player behind the well-stocked bar, but the usual hi-jinks ensued.

On Saturday, it was rather wet, but a number of us ventured into town and persuaded a pre-season funfair owner to give us a ride on some of his machinery, followed by a mooch around some usual touristy shops in the rain.

I am not sure if we got back in time for the games in the afternoon, but we did acquire a number of trophies later on, so there was a chance we did.

Most rallyists were milling around in the marquee in the afternoon, due to the weather, and the number gradually increased.

The proper disco started up and there were a few indoor games later on. I am fairly sure that, as Charlie Cobbe was in the male eating/drinking contest. Nobody else stood a chance, but there is a possibility that my girlfriend Becky won the women's.

She also ended up in the Miss Rally contest but, as she refused to take her knickers off, didn't win this.

There were a few virgin rallyists, who got liberally covered with flour and foam, (one was also treated to treacle and feathers!), and someone's trousers ended up hanging from a power lead near the top of the marquee poles.

Normal messing about occurred for the rest of the night, including Becky flashing her bits around again.

On Sunday morning, even before we fully packed up, there were awards given out, of which the ABC seemed to pick up quite a few, (as mentioned before), I think Shrub won ladies long distance, Becky picked one up, (possibly the eating one), and there was at least one other, but I cannot recall what that was for.

Then we finished our packing up and left. The ride home was in glorious sunshine.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley