Shakespeare Rally

Programmes from Shakespeare MCC's rallies. Some more old bits of rally info. These turned up when I was looking for more pictures!

- Ted Trett

Programme for King Lear added January 2021 thanks to Hans Mondorf.

Some of these programmes now have interactive content so you can wrack your brain to solve Heather MacGregor's cunning quizes.

King Lear1987QuizHans Mondorf
Troilus And Cressida1989 Ted Trett
King John1992WordsearchTed Trett
Titus Andonicus1993WordsearchTed Trett





		William Shakespeare

		A new production by

		Shakespeare Motorcycle


"These two have 'ticed me hither to this place
A barren, detested Vale you see it is."
				Act II Scene III


Act I		Enter from all sides citizens nobleman, y
		yeoman and peasants from all parts of the

Act II		Feasting and merriment much banter and
		the quaffing of copious quantities of ale,
		devouring of vast mountains of victuals,
		made available for all the period of the
		gathering by mine host of the Inn of Gaydon.

Act III		The bestowing of gifts upon the company
		present deemed worthy of such honours.

Act IV		Sleep doth overtake the gathered company
		who drift phantom-like to the encampment
		near at hand

Act V		In the swirling morning mist the throng
		melt silently away, creeping stealthily
		along the byeways to the far places whence
		they came.

Heather's famous quiz, now in its fifteenth year, appears on the next page; the answers are given on the back page. 


"We go wrong, we go wrong."
"No, yonder 'tis -
There where we see the lights"
"Here comes himself to guide you"
"Welcome, welcome, princes all"
				Act V Scene I


"Goodnight and welcome both at once to those
That go or tarry"
				Act V Scene I

Welcome to our autumn 1989 rally at at Milcombe, where the Horse and Groom will be our hosts for the weekend.

As usual, free tea and coffee will be available from our control tent during the rally, and the catering caravan will be with us again; this as well as the meals and snacks at the pub so you should not go hungry or thirsty.

Heather has come up with a slightly different quiz this year, which is on the next page.

There are some Shakespeare club sweatshirts, small size only at £6.OO, some sports shirts, medium at £7.50, and a new line, hats at £2.OO. These are as now being issued to the Greek army to co-ordinate with their skirts, and anyway are more comfortable than the helmets they used to wear, as depicted on our badge this year.

"Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart"
				Act V Scene IV

We trust you will have a most enjoyable weekend. 


"What hath this day deserved? What hath it done 
That it in golden letters should be set
Among the high tides in the calendar?"
				Act III scene I

		K I N G     J O H N

Welcome to our 1992 winter rally here at the Gaydon Inn. We trust you all had a good journey here and didn't get lost following the change of road numbering in the area.

"I am amazed me thinks; and lose my way
Among the thorns and dangers of this world"
				Act IV scene III

John, our landlord, will be on hand throughout the weekend to provide refreshing drink and food; full meals snacks and breakfasts. 

Trophies will be presented late on Saturday evening in the bar by Adam our chairman.

"This is the man should do the bloody deed"
				Act IV scene II

What is now termed the Heatherquiz appears on the next page - all correct answers will be put into a hat, and one quizter will perhaps get a prize - anyone failing to attempt the quiz will be sent to the tower.

We hope you will have an enjoyable weekend, and a safe journey home.


         WELCOME to our 'KING LEAR' Rally.

We have ordered a fine weekend of weather for this last three days of summer'.

Once again, The Gaydon Inn will be our hosts, and will provide meals and snacks, as well as plenty of liquid refreshment.

Our usual catering caravan will be on site for the weekend, and our own control tent will as always provide free tea and coffee for most of the time.

Trophies will be presented late on Saturday evening in The Gaydon Inn.

Shakespeare Club T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts will be available from our control tent in S, M, & L at £2.50 and £8.50 resepctively.

We hope you will have a very enjoyable weekend.

As we have booked fine weather, we thought some of you might like to follow the route marked out on the accompanying map, which covers 40 miles of south Warwickshire countryside.

To make it more interesting, it will incorporate a mini-treasure hunt, for which there will be some sort of prize to the winner. all you have to do is list the names of all the pubs you pass (or enter) en route, and to balance things up, list the names of the churches too.

In the event of a tie, Heather, to whom answers should be handed, will ask a tie break question.

This may be completed at any time up to 7 o'clock on Saturday evening. > SotWaca su

Heather's regular quiz appears on the back page

She says: If this takes you as long to work out as it did for me to set it up, you are in for a long weekend. Find the answers to the questions and transfer the letters into the numbered boxes in the grid. You will eventually come up with a quozation from King Lear. There may be a prize for the person you think is described most accurately in this quotation. Suggestions (only clean or profitable) to me or Paul or anyone who looks like an organiser.