Shittin' Bricks Rally

25 June 1993 - Thick as a Brick MCC

It was a bit of a rush, getting replacement parts for the BMW, (after the electrical failure of the bike on the way to Shetland the previous week.) but nothing the local dealership couldn't handle. After all, they are not known for leaving their customers hanging about, especially for the prices they charge.

The personnel going to this rally had changed a bit from the original ticket purchasers, but I met up with those now going at the club HQ, the Vine, in Stanmore, and we made our way, through quite nice weather, to the Ostrich, a multi-event site, in Staffordshire.

The evening was a low-key affair, as is usual, with only a few straw fights livening up the proceedings.

On Saturday, my club colleagues decided to visit nearby Tutbury Castle. I must admit I had never been there unless I was attending one of Les Lumps' romps or dosses, and it was strange not having the place attended by a few dozen bikers milling about. There was, however some sort of camping event taking place, or perhaps they were just a number of independent campers.

Back at site, the games were of the usual variety and there was a wet and extremely muddy corner of a stream at one end of the field for throwing in the first time rallyists.

The warm weather led to a lot more liquid refreshments being consumed which, combined with the exertions of the games, meant most of us were rather worn out by the evening.

Further refreshments helped liven things up, as did the band, and a few more straw fights broke out. Eventually the time came to go and sit around the immense bonfire, which seemed unnecessary given the weather, and after a while a couple of people were seen walking through it.

It was quite hot again on Sunday morning. So much so, that we decided to have a rest stop on the way back.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley