Snowman Rally

Having enjoyed the 2008 event, despite needing a new battery when I arrived, I decided to try it again.

This year I set off in torrential rain, but the forecast was good for later and I ran out of the rain by the time I joined the A49 at Warrington.

my bike seems to have taken a disliking to South Wales for some reason!

- Ted

It was much the same as last year, but a bit more traffic and one or two lowered speed limits and a few new sections of 50mph country roads. I had a stop for petrol (and an ice cream) just to the south of Shrewsbury, next to a big garden centre; unusually the petrol was cheaper than at home. When eventually I arrived at the rally, this year my bike started again when I wanted to move on to the field!

We had a good turn out from the Tee's Tornadoes and only just missed out on the club award, but we got furthest travelled male rider and furthest travelled pillion. I also got an award ... the "Tale of Woe!"

On the Saturday when I went out to Abergavenny I noticed that the clutch didn't feel quite as it should and sure enough, about half way there, the clutch cable broke. This was not a real problem as I carry a spare, but typically, as soon as I got the tank off and got stuck, in down came the rain. On the way back to the site, I then had a problem with one of my carbs flooding and managed to soak my right boot in unleaded! I do hope all goes well next year, my bike seems to have taken a disliking to South Wales for some reason!

Roy Watkinson was in a holiday mood on Saturday. It wasn't that warm, because the snowman outside the control tent never melted!

There was a bit of an overflow of tents this year; you have to be there early to get a good spot on the path/field, and some took advantage of the patch of grass opposite the pub.

- Ted Trett

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