Solent Rally

As a new member of the Solent MCC, the '73 rally was only my third. However, the anecdotal stuff and photos cover the '74 & '75 events too.

We were blessed with fantastic weather on all occasions, and rallyists from Tyne Tees to Belgium descended upon the campsite, filling it to capacity.

Start of quotation I was there on an outfit - probably a Triumph. End of quotation

- Heather J MacGregor

I had a new racing green 750 Norton Commando Fastback in those days and lots of hair:

Saturday afternoon saw bikers travelling out for a run to Lee-on-Solent where they took in views across the sea to the Isle of Wight. All that warm salty fresh air was bound to whip up an appetite and thirst!

Meanwhile back at camp, the tree swing had attracted a number of Tarzan types - all this and people were still arriving.

The tug-o-war made sure the rest of us ended up like ruptured ducks.

My friend Rich Barrett, now a native of Arizona, used to wear a sheep skin sawn off jacket which looked a bit 'hippy'. Whilst wearing it, people looking for a 'special recreational substance' would approach him and on one occasion a Buddy Holly lookalike from the Twits MCC came up and said "Hey mate, have you got any shit for sale?", to which Rich replied "Do you mean turds, I've got some of those", to which Buddy replied "No thanks mate, you're alright" and walked off. Frigging priceless!

Left to right - Solent MCC members Claire, John Shepherd, Roy Munday, Rich Barrett with hippy jacket.

At the '73 rally, a Portsmouth 'Evening News' journalist/photographer came along and produced an article for the newspaper.

A local chap, Stu Warbridge had turned up on his 1920 ABC motorcycle, at which point this group photo was taken:
From the left: Me (hands on hips - oh dear!), Roy Munday, Stewart on the bike, Eric (black beard) Trevor, guy with glasses woolly hat and white polo shirt (won the concourse de Grot), Ted (smoking pipe), Nigel Green, Dave Gladstaines, Bob the treasurer in the cheese cutter hat.

Start of quotation Guy with check shirt looks like Ron Brunsdon and 'Trev' is Trev Cawte. End of quotation

- H J MacG

The long distance club award is presented by Solent MCC founder and Chairman Graham Cooper to Siegfried of M.S.F Schwandof, Germany who clocked up 6,400 miles.

Start of quotation Guy in the background smoking is Tony Cornick. End of quotation

- H J MacG

The remaining photos show bikes and people. I've put in folks names where known.

Overhung and contemplating throwing up over our scrambled egg breakfasts, Roy is certainly not in the mood to discuss the engineering merits of a Munch Mammoth. He managed to keep it down, by the way.
From the left: Richie Dear, Bob the Treasurer and a 'very delicate' Roy.

The Concourse de Grot winner had a real spanker of a rusted outfit, but fair do's, he drove it to dozens of rallies and scooped loads of similar awards - the bike never let him down on either front.

Concourse de Grot outfit - 650 BSA. Who let that sodding Morris van on site!

The Tees Tornados came along to the party, and brought their own kettle.

Start of quotation The kettle belonged to Roy Watkinson (still rallying) and the club still has the banner, come to the Captain Cook and see it! End of quotation

- H J MacG

We drank long and hard into those summer evenings, and it never ceases to amaze just how willing folks are to expose their bums, boobs and what nots in these circumstances - good preparation for the care home antics to come one day!

Mega rally supporter Roger ('Codge' to his friends) leaning forward in green jumper and Graham Cooper in the woolley pulley bike jumper. Nice 600cc Panther outfit too.

Anyone remember this bloke on the Norton? He was another regular around the rally sites in the seventies. Enjoyed his beer, he did.

- Tony Smith

Start of quotation The guy on the Norton was Keith Raft, South Beds MCC, organiser of the Hatters rallies. At the far right is Gordon Day. End of quotation

- H J MacG

Start of quotation Looks like the guy who was widely known as Tiny. Think he was from South Beds MCC.

When he was too drunk to walk from the marquee to his tent he was too heavy to carry ... so we wheeled his bike to him and he rode back! End of quotation

- Ben