Solent Rally

3rd September 1982 - Solent MCC

It was a lot easier to find the rally in the woods this year, as I was here last year, but I was not yet as familiar with the route as I would be in the years to come.

It being the 13th rally, nothing untoward happened, despite what the superstitious amongst us might have worried. The weather was glorious all weekend and, as far as I can tell, everybody had fun.

Lez Lumps was there, trying to sell copies of his Big Bollards rally magazines and so he, as he always does, tried organising sing-songs around the fire at night. Always assuming fires were allowed in the woodland - sometimes memory plays tricks.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation I was Chairman of the SMCC for 2 years (82-84, or 83-85, the actual years are blurred) and am still in regular contact with the club founder, Graham Cooper, who is STILL camping out and doing as many rallies as he can despite being an old fart.

I still regularly see my Vice Chairman, Malc Hickman, who was my 'best man' some years ago at my second marriage. This marriage was to a girl I met and didn't pursue back in 1983, but now making up for lost time.

I remember the 'old school' trying to stop me being elected as Chairman due to a minor indiscretion after being banned for 'accidentally' knocking a pretend mod over a wall with the bike.

The 82 Solent had a great turnout from clubs wanting to meet me :-) Sweet.

I still keep in contact with 4 or 5 old members and see others every now and then. A great club back then. End of quotation

- Gordon Mackenzie