Steel Horse Rally

The Flemish countryside meeting of 1975

The location of the Steel Horse rally changed places five times between 1968 and 2008, the date of its fortieth anniversary.

Steel Horse 1971 - In the campsite of Loppem, an Amazon on a Honda 450, member of the Liberty Club of Roubaix

As shown by the photos below taken at the 1975 meeting, this year the Flemish countryside and one of its places of worship, near Bruges, had replaced the medieval city, its place and its Belfry.

Steel Horse 1975 - A little walking in the Flemish countryside ...

After the flood of participants at the 1972 event, in the opinion of the organizers it was necessary to restrict numbers attending their rally. get to the religious building....

The attendance at the 1975 meeting was therefore much less but sufficient for celebration between initiated rallyists; a Steel Horse rally worthy of the name.

Steel Horse 1975 - They came once more from all over Europe

- Jean-Francois Helias