Stickers and transfers

Cheap and cheerful, begging to be plastered on any reasonably flat surface of a motorcycle. Regrettably they have a short life because of the weather. A few have been collected here for posterity. They were probably preserved between the pages of a road atlas or works manual.

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AAMA, ACU, AMA, AMA 1940 Safety Award, Agostini, Alambic, Alencon Retro MC, Alligators, Alligators Treffen, Ankou, Annecy, Antelope MCC, Arverne Sidecar, Arvernes, Assen, Association Moto Village, Authentic, Aywaille, Aywaille-Reims-Aywaille, BDMV, BMF, BMF Rally, BMOC Sussex, BMW Vosges Rally, BSA (Oz), BSA OC Jubilee, Balustines, Band'hars Fous, Baroudeurs, Bermondsey MCC, Big Bikes Run, Billy Treffen, Bitazelles, Bitazelles MC, Bois Renard, Bol d'Or, Bouc, Bourg Argental, Bourg Argental Expo, Brands Hatch, Brighthelmstone, British Bikes Days, Brusolles, Burons, Burt Monro Challenge, CCM, Camembert Saucisson, Captain Cook Rally, Celtic Brothers HDC, Cent Sous, Chacals, Chambery, Charade, Chateau Arnoux, Chatillonnais, Chevaux de Glace, Choucas, Clams, Classic British Bikes Rally, Clodos Morfals, Club Trident Rocket 3 France, Club Triumph France, Continental Circus, Cromwell, Culbuteurs, Dartmouth DMC&LCC, Devils Weald Rally, Dortan, Dragons MC, Dragons MC Paveck, Dursley MC&LCC, Edelweiss, Eenhoorn Treffen, Eighteen Club, Elan, Elefant, Elefanten, Elefanten Igres, End Of The Garden, Envelop, Europe Moto, FIM, Federation of Sidecar Clubs, Flibustiers, Francorchamps, Francorchamps GP, Freaks Rally, GP de France, Gueux d'Route, Hamaland, Hatters, Haut-Vivarais, Hearts OC, Henry IV, Hiberna, Jumbo Run, Jumbo Run Breton, Kama City Rally, Kiki's Birthday, Kradnetz, Krystall, Lausanne RMC, Lemovices, Lion, Loches, Loups, Luc sur Mer, Lumas, Luxembourg Motor Union, Lynx Rally, MCA, Machtok, Madone des Centaures Belgium, Madone des Centaures France, Madonnina Dei Centauri, Madonnina dei Centauri, Mallory Park Sidecar Race of the Year, Mammouths Treffen, Marseille, Merseyside SC, Millevaches, Mohicans, Molen Treffen, Montlucon, Moto Guzzi, Moto Guzzi Mandello del Lario, Motor Cycling Club, Moustaches Gelees, Newmarket, Norman, Norton OC, Norton OC Belgium, Norton OC France, Norton OC Nevada, Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Pantheres Rally, Parigots, Pig Rallye, Piranas, Pont de Suert, Pornic, Raboliots, Raboliots Rally, Rally Des Alpes, Rallye FIM, Rallye Neiges, Rebelle, Reims, Rennes, Rimini, Rives, Rosa d'Inverno, Routards, SMC, Saint Maixent, Saint Vallier, Salamandre, Samara, Samourai Amazones, Samourai Chevres, Side Car Club Suisse, Silverstona, Sinterklaas, Sorgues, Ste Cecile, Steel Horse, Steinbruch Rally, Stella Alpina, Stelvio, Sud Seine & Marnais, TT, TT Supporters, Thames SCC, Thionville, Top Case, Touareg, Toulouse, Triton OC France, Triumph OC France, Triumph Owners MCC, Troll, Troll Rally, Trophees Gerard Jumeaux, Ulster, Ussel Last Riders, Valence, Vallis Guidonis, Vautours, Vercingetorix, Vincent HRD OC and Wikings badges.