Tartan Rally

The Tartan Rally is held every October in Stirlingshire. It's an invite only rally so the location isn't publicised.

It's a fairly trad rally, based around a large village hall. There are bands on the Friday and Saturday evenings. Good food, very cheap beer, but most of all a damn good craic!!

Most folk who attend the Tartan have been doing so for years. The badge's colour or design often means something significant. The "20 Year" badge is obvious, but the others maybe not so obvious:

The very large cat-shit coloured badge is the 25 year anniversary badge (The next Tartan anniversary badge will be for 30 years oops --- see Jeff Mitchell's message!)

The Gold, pint pot shaped badge (no enamel) marks the 50th anniversary of Mercury MCC.

The white badge with the diamond instead of the tankard (my own design btw) marked the 60th Anniversary of Mercury MCC in 2006. Rally trophies for that year were etched crystals with illuminated bases (Don't be expecting that every year!!)

See you at the Tartan!

- Miti-Babe
Mercury MCC

Tartan 1992
Heather MacGregor

Start of quotation I think it's great because I helped organise a lot of the Tartan Rallies. And it brings back great memories (My god I'm good looking in the photo carrying the gas cylinder. Hehe.)

I'll try and write some stories. End of quotation

- Jim Twaddle


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