The Belgian Tenten Treffen is organised by MTC Zedelgem and is held at a sports complex in the village of Loppem. This is not far from Loppem Lake where the Steel Horse rallies were held.

There is also a Dutch Tenten rally but that is organised by MC Keiser Karrel, Nijmegen.

The Tenten is a very popular rally and the football pitches which form the camping areas get quite full. You can almost feel you are at a British rally at times as so many Brits seem to go to this one.

The Zedelgem club provide beer and entertainment on site with reasonably priced food. There are shops, bars and restaurants in and around Loppem but most people opt to go to Bruges on the Saturday as it is only a short bus ride away.

We have not camped at the rally recently as it has clashed with other things so we have made visits there from other events. Despite having been to the site lots of times, when we tried to get there from a Mayflower camping weekend at Ypres I got lost. The problem was road works and every approach to Loppem seemed to have a road closed sign. After the third time around one particular roundabout Heather suggested I look at our map. My reply was What map? We are only in Belgium and you can't get lost in Belgium, it's too small! We got there in the end but only after a nice ride around the Belgian countryside.

One year there was an invasion of Monkey Bikes on site and another year there was a huge quad, not sure whether it qualifies as a motorcycle but very impressive, not many things make a Zeus outfit look small!

- Ted Trett