Three Boundaries Rally

Organized by the Time Warp Rally Club
at a scout campsite near Manchester

For me, from Bradford, it's usually just a boring run over the M62, although it can be interesting following Fat Barry Warrener. One year when he had his Dnepr outfit, as if it wasn't enough having to dodge truck drivers intent on running us down, (cruising speed was about 45 mph!) I had to duck as one of his silencers bounced down the motorway towards me. I pulled over and went back for it. He hadn't noticed it had gone! I quickly learnt how to juggle when I picked it up! The roadside snow came in useful for preventing blisters and also for cooling the silencer down enough to be able to carry it. By the time I got going again he was out of sight, but as I expected I caught him up at his next breakdown, a clutch cable problem, and presented him with his missing silencer. I decided to lead the rest of the way!

The Rally uses the Scout facilities, so there is a proper toilet and shower block. Camping is either in a field at the edge of a wood or in one of the many clearings. Of course being a scout camp, there is a bonfire burning all weekend across from the main hall.

The club makes good use of the kitchen attached to the main hall and provides evening meals and breakfasts at very reasonable prices. Tea and coffee is available, for free, all weekend. No need to bring a stove to this rally.

Badges are a unique brass plaque design; the number of sides on the badge is the rally number; the third was a triangle, the fourth a square etc, etc.

The bar is certainly better than most other rallies and is really a mini beer festival, but again with the advantage of low prices!

The entertainment, (other than the other rallyists!!) for the past couple of years (07-08) has been a really good R&B type band with an amazing lead guitarist who really gets into his music.

- Ted Trett


Open quote I needed to find out if there was beer and food available and if I was going to the right place as I'd got Micklewood written down.
Serves me right for getting drunk at the Force Ten rally a couple of weeks ago. Close quote