Tiger Rally

2nd September 1988 - N.W. London Triumph Owners MCC

How I managed to miss the first eight of these rallies is a mystery to me, as the site, (Moat Mount, Barnet), was so close to home. Also, many members of my club were well associated with it, especially as our meeting pub ran the bar and it was staffed by the more numerate of my colleagues.

Friday night was enjoyable, as are all nights when you can get away from work for a few days.

The games on Saturday were energetically contested. The barrel rolling was interesting when you take into account the rather pronounced slope of part of the field.

The bike tug-o-war was apparently an official game, but I wonder if people these days would chance burning their clutch out when many miles from home.

Another evening competition only had a couple of contestants, but the support for them was equally vociferous.

The music and food were well received, and much of the beer was consumed, which was evidenced by the number of casualties littering the marquee by the end of the night.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley