Shakespeare Rally

September 1995.

Axel Bodeit and I took part in the 1995 January Rally, Henry VIII. As reported, I had problems with the alternator rotor on my BMW R90S. Paul Mullis kindly gave me a rotor from his workshop. I should bring it back to England for this rally in September. That was the plan.

Axel and I organized the ferry tickets and hotel rooms in Ramsgate in advance for the return journey on Sunday evening. However, in the week before my trip to England, I was attacked by a virus. I was in bed with a temperature of 40°C. With tears in my eyes I had to cancel my ferry passage and my hotel.

Axel stopped by my house and got the alternator rotor for Paul Mullis to take with him to England. And believe me, I would have loved to have had a few pints with Paul.

In any case, the following participants met on Friday morning, September 22nd for this rally, which led to the pub "The Four Alls" in Welford on Avon. Axel Bodeit with passenger Karin Kohlen (Moto Guzzi 850T3), Dieter Mundorf (Honda 900F Bol d'Or).

The other participants started a week earlier and first made a trip through Wales and drove from there to the rally in Welford on Avon. Jurgen and Christiane Krechel (BMW K100), Achim Kreuzer (BMW K1100RS), and Karl Heinz Poppe (Yamaha XT600).

All participants told me that it was two nice cozy evenings with good food and plenty of beer.

Oh yes, of course they received the tankard for the longest journey from the continent.

There were no problems on the outward journey or on the return journey.

- Hans Mondorf