Toad in the Hole Rally

Hawkesbury Upton, October 2013

The Welsh Contingent i.e. George Perrin, sons Andy & Kris and Andy's lady Sophie, left Llandudno just after lunch and went South via Hereford, Chepstow and the Severn Bridge.


- Steve

Myself and Janet (1st Rally) left Swinton, Manchester around 1600 hrs and in the interests of expediency (fat chance) headed for the M6/M5 option. We left the M62 Westbound and joined the M6 and the stationary traffic! The gantry signs advised delays between J22 & J19 Southbound but worse was to come. Even when we did get going 40mph was a bonus and 50mph an exception. Amazingly, the M6/M5 junction was clear but after that it was more ball ache and the Droitwich area before 70 - 80mph was possible - nightmare journey.

Anyway, tents up, chilli & rice then off to the village hall. Good Friday night turnout with decent music and good company as once again we had met up with Brian & Phyl Weekes who were also "on duty" as part of the organising team. Still on medication it was another tee total night (weekend). A pleasant evening finished off with banter and booze around the fire. Then more chilli & rice.

Kris Perrin, Andy Perrin, Sophie Deering, Jan Burke & George Perrin

The sleeping hours were interspersed with a couple of snoring competitions. On the one side we had what can only be described as "The Ghoul of Gloucestershire" as opposed to "The Beast of Bodmin"! The loud ZZZs were followed by a shriek or scream? I was expecting to find corpses the following morning. On the other side of our berth, a charge of bestiality would not have been unfounded and these loud ZZZs were followed by what seemed like an animal being rodgered!

On Saturday morning, after copious amounts of coffee and toast the others caught the transport into Chipping Sodbury. I took some pain killers and stayed horizontal most of the day reading "The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy".

Brian Weekes. Brian & Phyl were part of the organising team.

On Saturday evening, the Bacardi and Jack Daniels were flowing prior to a couple of hours in the Beaufort Arms and then we headed back to the hall.

The extra hour in the land of nod was welcome in view another bout of strange nocturnal noises. Next morning we legged it around 1100hrs and had a largely uneventful run home.

Jans 1st Rally and my 1st Toads.

Janet Burke & Steve Giddens

Yet another enjoyable weekend.

- Steve Giddens