Shakespeare Rally

September 1994.

I would have loved to be drive to England but since I was going to be a father for the first time in the beginning of October, the thought that I might be sitting in the pub with a pint while my wife maybe giving birth to our first child on her own, kept me this year from the tour.

Axel Bodeit was unable to attend because of his work. So, we talked to the friends at our motorcycle friends' regular table who might be interested in going to England for the Shakespeare Rally.

Our motorcycle friend Jurgen Krechel said it couldn't be that nobody goes there this year. He planned to do the tour alone.

He reported to me that on Friday morning of 23 September 1994, he had his BMW K100 packed and drove the route towards Calais to hover port. He's an avid photographer, and took some interesting photos that weekend.

After a short crossing with the hover craft to Dover he took the highway to "The Four Alls" pub in Welford on Avon.

On Friday and Saturday evenings he was in good company with Heather MacGregor, Keith Jackson, Paul Mullis and other familiar faces.

On Saturday evening he received a tankard from the chairman for the longest journey from the continent.

On Sunday, after a delicious English breakfast, Jurgen started his journey home. He reported to me that he drove as quickly as possible and was lucky that he did not run into a speed camera.

He also did not get caught in France, Belgium and Germany.

He told us about his successful weekend at our next motorcycle regulars' table.

- Hans Mondorf