36th Vlearmoestreffen 2010 - Needse MC

This year Jürgen and I were able to convince a motorcycle friend from our motorcycle regulars' table to go to the Vlermoestreffen. Saturday afternoon around 2pm, Jürgen Krechel (BMW K100), Alois Klein (BMW R1100GS) and Hans Mondorf (BMW R1200GS) started (My BMW K100RS still had problems with the engine / injection system). The distance of approx. 180 km was quickly put behind us.

Arrived on the camping meadow, set up the tents and then into the beautiful old event barn. Also this year we were treated to plenty of Brand Grolsch beer. Outside, the Needse MC had fired up a big barbecue again. Everyone could grill their own meat they had brought with them. Lots of nice “gasoline” conversations arose around the grill.

Music from the CD played in the barn all evening. The same colorful mix of rock 'n roll, pop and rock music as last year. A great mood. We spent the evening in the barn with my motorbike friend Willi Schwering and his motorbike friends from Horstmar. A wet happy round. Also this year there were many Mayflower members, Motorcyclists from Scotland, Belgium and Germany were represented. The celebration lasted late into the night.

The next morning at breakfast I couldn't really find my appetite. During the night I probably drank a beer or two too much. But, we were clear about one thing; next year we would be back here.

- Hans Mondorf