Walpurgis Rally

24th April 1987 - Sorcerers MCC

This is one rally that definitely left me with a smile on my face.

I managed to get there without a rush, as it was relatively close to where I lived at the time, just off the A1 in Barnet, London.

Most people there were also fairly relaxed on the Friday night, it is that sort of rally. Some were not too relaxed to climb a marquee pole, (it is that sort of rally as well) and, of course, much beer was consumed, music listened to, and a fair bit of food eaten.

There was a little rain overnight, but not enough to spoil our enjoyment, apart from one member of the Harlow 70s MCC who had constructed a fairing entirely from lager cans, and the water caused a lot of shorts in the bike's electrics.

The organisers had an interesting bike for traversing the site, a three-wheeled Honda C50 (or could have been C70 or C90). I'm not sure how much use the extra wheel was, as it was just added at the back on an extended swing-arm and not powered in any way. I don't think it had a brake, either!

There was at least one expected configuration three-wheeler there, to help retain our sanity. Some girls I knew said hello in a way that made me take their picture, (well, after I asked them), and the afternoon progressed in a calm way as it was quite warm, if occasionally cloudy.

The only game I have photos of was the 'broomstick' race, but there were others of a more traditional format.

The Harlow 70s 'can-racer' owner managed to get his machine running and the rest of his club spent a while seeing how many people they could load on a few of their bikes and carry up and down the sloped field.

When the evening started, there were a few poles climbed and first-timers debagged and the Miss Rally had enthusiastic participants. Although the Twits MCC were there, their girls did not enter, but did give me a separate display later. The girl to whom I had given a lift home from the Rum Runners rally a few weeks back was also in the competition, but did not win, as she kept her underwear on. As her boyfriend had chosen to go on holiday with his parents she decided to thank me for the lift in a very personal way, although she did leave before dawn so that the rest of her club could attest that she spent the night alone in her tent. I must give lifts more often!

The morning was fine. I would have felt fine anyway, but the weather just made it perfect. Some people had apparently not let their tent dry out completely the last time it was used and the mould was obvious. There was not that problem this week.

A pleasant ride home followed, and the smile stayed on my face for a few days thereafter.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley