Walpurgis Rally

27th April 1990 - Sorcerers MCC

Once again held at the Moat Mount Open Space in Barnet.

Friday afternoon was a bit breezy, leading to a few problems setting up certain designs of tent, but overall the weather was pleasant. There was a well-stocked, (and surprisingly sturdy-looking), bar, and the catering looked somewhat better than previously. (They must have had a load of complaints after last year's efforts.) But it should be pointed out that just wearing a traditional chef's hat doesn't work on its own.

A few people managed to climb the marquee poles, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

On Saturday the weather was still bright and dry, with a lot less wind, which must have been a relief to one guy who had decided to balance his carburettors, as he had the block out on his jacket in the middle of the field.

An amusing sight was a couple of girls, with immense backpacks with several other things strapped to them, were walking up the field, following their partners who had ridden up without them after booking in. Obviously very little luggage space on those bikes if passengers were being carried.

Other people were hurtling about the field on their bikes, where a few of them found out that, even though it wasn't wet, the sloping field still had a few soft spots and unexpected lumps, which led to a few offs, luckily on a grassy field, and several collapses of parked bikes.

Later on in the marquee, slops and flour were the preferred treatment for first-timers.

The band had a pretty blonde singer, who was adequate.

In the break, the drinking contest involved many raw eggs, and probably something nasty, followed by the eating contest, of which I have no idea of the contents. I seem to recall Charlie Cobbe did well in the eating, although he wasn't fast enough in the drinking.

Most of the water in the wet t-shirt contest was used on one well-endowed young lady, but I don't think she won it. Thereafter the music resumed, as did the drinking and the dancing, also the falling over, throwing of drinks, and non-competitive removal of clothing.

Later on, some people required carrying back to their tents, but most managed to walk or stagger under their own power.

Sunday was still bright and dry, and the field still had soft spots to punish the unwary who loaded their bikes up before checking. This is still one of my favourite sites, (apart from the toilet facilities), and, once again, the locality of the rally meant I was home within half an hour.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley