Walpurgis Rally

12th April 1991 - Sorcerers MCC

It was the 'Witchy' time of year again, so a few hundred of us descended on a hillside just outside Barnet for plenty of beer, just enough music, and a little too much dodgy food.

People enjoyed themselves, especially those that avoided the food, and the usual Friday antics took place. Some poles were climbed, and songs were sung, (or, more likely, sung along with), unsuspecting club members folded, and so forth.

The smoke machine that accompanied the disco or band, (I cannot swear to either), got a bit enthusiastic at one point and a few people disappeared into the mist. I think most of them were recovered, or those witches had a bonus.

Saturday was fine and warm, as this rally usually manages, and at lunchtime quite a few of us went wandering down the back roads to a pub. We used to visit a pub just off the main A1, but this had recently been turned into a restaurant, so was not welcoming our custom as it once did.

Back at the field later the games were held, and bikes hacked around the field carrying passengers with varying amounts of clothing on. There was one combo that had an interesting seat for the passenger, a child's playground wobbly toucan ride.

Some while later the music and beer were in full flow again and only two girls got up for the miss rally contest in the band's interval. More beer and slops were thrown over rally virgins, (or just someone you thought deserved it), and people danced the night away.

I can't remember whether the weather was still fine on Sunday, but it seems likely it would have been. Either way it didn't matter, as I only had a short hop to get home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley