Welland Valley Sidecar Club Rally

Organiser Bob Parsons from Hinckley
Held at Wolvey Villa Farm, Wolvey, Warks
21-24 June 1973.

It finished up with most of us having sunburn and dehydration


This was a little beauty of a rally, small, mostly sidecar club members, but open to all. We heard of this one in the Motor Cycle Weekly and a group of us from the Wolverhampton area were at a loose end that weekend.

There was no badge for this event. We travelled in small groups as we all set off at different times due to commitments. The weather was cracking the slabs. I had my old BSA A10 with a ratty Watsonian Mk1 Monza sidecar and I took the family dog with me in the open top chair, held in with 2 leads to prevent the dog jumping either way. It was the first time I had taken the dog (a smallish well behaved Heinz 57).

The route was simple; A5 to Hinkley after stopping for a pint at Atherstone, on to the B4114 and follow the signs. The campsite was a proper job, not the normal farmers field, and a pub in walking distance. We had the normal Saturday evening in the pub and for some reason I can't remember the rally was 4 days (bank holiday?).

Sunday was spent in the pub at dinner time and then a game of football. I don't know where the ball came from and we must have been well oiled, as I don't even like the sport. But then again it was not a matter of sides or keeping any score. It finished up with most of us having sunburn and dehydration which we sorted out in the pub again that evening.

Amongst those there were Graham Wellington with girlfriend "Tansey" John Boswell and wife Mo (Maureen) Mack "The Black" and girlfriend Elaine (Mo's sister) Les Richardson, Gary "The Drunkard" Williams, Gordon Harris and wife Sue, Poe, Bob Hughes, and several others. We didn't hear of the event again. Pity because we all enjoyed it.

- Les Hobbs