Welsh Coast Rally

The Winter rally held by the Welsh Coast MCC.

They also do one in June.

After a 220 mile ride to the event, mostly in the rain, I reached the site on a rugby pitch as it got dark. First drinks were in the rugby club bar and then I went to the clubhouse of the holiday village that the bands were playing. On sale here was food, a fantastic selection of cider and perrys from small Welsh producers. The Welsh MCC also had a merchandise stand there.

On the Saturday evening I got stuck into the ciders. at 5pm I asked to the barman the strength of the cider I was drinking as it was not on the pumpclip. The answer was 7.5%. I had already had 5 pints! More drinks were duly sunk and I was coursed to go on stage for a competition to show my manhood! After the night was finished I managed to stagger to the campsite.


The 2011 Welsh Coast MCC winter rally was held at the Badgers Bar in Ammanford in South Wales.

The run up was dry until I stopped at the first service station after the Severn Bridge when it started to rain in typical Welsh style.

Camping was at the back of the pub on a rugby field.

The only cider was weak so I got into the red wine. There was a rock disco and two bands on Saturday night.

The run back was dry.

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation I was the rally sec for Sober M.T.C. My name was Toomie. I was looking up the Welsh Coasters and came across your site.

I was with the club from the start until 1987, then I moved down to Swansea till '93. End of quotation

- Alan Meredith aka Toomie

Start of quotation I was at the Welsh Coast Winter Rally last weekend. I met Dave Ranger there and was talking to him and I told him that his NABD patches were not on straight although I did not realise it was him until I saw a picture on your site after I got home. He is a very brave man, sitting in a pub full of bikers drinking a bottle of red wine from a long stem glass. I would have poured it into my tankard.

I did write a report of the rally but I put it on my Black Russian Biker website if you want to check it out. End of quotation

- Russ Shand

Start of quotation 1979 saw me on my MZ and Pete Bickerstaffe (as he was then) on a grotty Fanny B which had trials tyres on but wasn't as bad as it looked. We were heading down the M4 south of Cardiff when the boys in blue pulled Pete over. I saw this in my mirror, so I came off at the next junction turned round, went back north to the previous junction and rejoined Pete.

This young copper was checking him and his bike, the older copper and me were leaning on the bonnet of the cop car watching. Eventually the cop got to Pete's licence, he got it out and the copper had a sort of fit. Pete is a PHD so he had Dr. on his licence! The young copper waved us away and the older one winked at me.

We got to the rugby club and partook of the beer and food but it was bloody cold that night, minus 11. I remember one rallyist with a camping gaz stove on top of another one trying to get some heat to cook his breakfast. And the beer froze! End of quotation

- Alan Rogers