Western Warrior Rally


- The Black Russian

The Western Warrior 1979 was held in a field just outside of St Davids in Pembrokeshire. As I remember the weather was pretty good all weekend.

There was a big marquee and at least three groups on the Friday and another three on the Saturday and some strippers.

I remember there were quite a lot of bikes with CB radios mounted on them (mine included) and some fun was had winding up some of the local CB radio enthusiasts.

The Western Warrior was held in conjunction with three other rallies: The Eastern Buccaneer on the East Coast of England, the Southern Crusader in Cornwall and the Northern Adventurer somewhere in the North of Scotland. If you managed all four then you were awarded a fifth and much bigger badge.

Myself and members of my club, the Black Jacks MCC, went to another Western Warrior in 2006. This was again just outside St Davids at a place called Caerfai Camping site where there was a clubhouse with a bar and a small stage. Our club were the first ones to arrive. A fella called Creature, who was to run the Disco, was already there but there was no-one from the organising club. Well, some more rallyists turned up but still no organisers. Between Creature ourselves and the site owner we started to sort things out and it was up and running by early evening when the first group arrived. No-one had arrived to pay them so we had a whip round and they were given a room to stay the night.

This was pretty much how it went on all weekend, groups performed for small amounts of cash and bed and board. Creature did a sterling job on the disco and we helped out where we could and explaining all the time that, NO it wasn't our rally but we didn't want it to fail.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we all went home in the rain on Sunday. It certainly was a strange rally as over the whole weekend we never saw anyone at all from the organisers.

- The Black Russian